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New Year, New Recommendations!

As the new year comes in, it's common to want to try new things. We are always looking for recommendations to expand our horizon. Below, we've compiled a list of things we've enjoyed over the past year that might be new to you! Feel free to ask us more about individual suggestions on our Facebook page Erin & Andrew Hope to Adopt. We'd love to hear about your own recommendations as well!


Running Wild with Bear Grylls on National Geographic

Schitt's Creek on Netflix

The Masked Singer on Fox

Crikey! It's the Irwins on Animal Planet

Handmaids Tale on Hulu

The Shop: Uninterrupted on HBO (Lebron James show)


Jumanji (1&2)

The new Lion King/Aladdin

The Joker

Foods to try:

Sweet Potato tempura Sushi

Candied Cashews (You can smell them on every corner in NY)

Crepes (Sweet or Savory)

Knish (Potato filling is a favorite with mustard)

People to follow on social Media:

Red Table Talk on Facebook (So many topics, you'll never get bored!)

Chrissy Teigan & Amy Schumer (Both funny and inspirational)

Elvis Duran

The Rock

Esther the Wonder Pig (And so many other animal accounts)

Kody Antle