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History & Heritage

We've learned from adult adoptees that knowing their biological history and heritage is of utmost importance in their quest to feel whole. It helps to fill in the blanks about medical history and possibly certain characteristics they have as well. I (Erin) recently experienced a very very very small taste of what it was like to not know my complete family history. My grandmother was born in Poland and went through the Holocaust in concentration camps. She was never able to speak about it due to the anguish this caused her. We got bits and pieces of stories from other family, but never her perspective. Recently, I connected with one of her cousins on 23 and me. She led us to believe that there were more details that we weren't aware of and it was too late to ask my grandmother as she had passed on last year. Growing up, I never knew what questions to ask exactly and now I've missed the opportunity to hear her story from HER perspective. This is nowhere close to what adoptees experience, but it does encourage me to help our future child know their history as much as possible.