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What Does Open Adoption Mean to Us?

Open adoption is something that we are hopeful for. In our minds, openness would be the ability to call, text, FaceTime and send pictures whenever is desired. We are also wanting to do visits (how often would of course depend on distance). We feel that it is immensely important for your child to be able to communicate with you, especially as he/she gets older. Open adoption is gaining in popularity as we continue to listen to the voices of adoptees. Some people feel that it would be confusing for a child to know that they have 2 families. However, imagine not being able to ask questions of the person that gave birth to you or know any of your first family. Imagine the longing to know where you came from. We feel this would yield more of a negative impact than explaining adoption in an age appropriate way. We've heard over and over from adoptees in closed adoptions that they feel a piece of them is missing. We want our future child to be happy! We never want them to feel like they are held from their first family. During this journey, we've been learning so much, especially from adoptees themselves. We are fortunate to be able to share what we've learned to our family and friends.