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How to help out a shelter pet

This blog post isn't about our adoption journey, but rather something that is near and dear to our hearts (helping shelters)! Below are some tips on ways you can help out if interested:

-Foster or adopt a shelter pet. Fostering is actually very beneficial because whenever an animal is fostered, it leaves more room for animals to be kept in the shelters and less out on the street. Many times, the shelter will help with supplies as well!

-Donate items- new or old! Most helpful items to donate are towels, toys, food, bowls, cleaning supplies, and newspapers. We collect our toilet paper rolls to give to our local shelter- they make them into cat toys!

-Volunteer. There are so many things to volunteer for including outreach events or just filling up food/water bowls. Most shelters need a photographer to take pictures of the animals also, so if you are skilled in this area let them know.

-Spread the word about local shelter events in your community. You never know who will want to attend..

-Get your kids involved. Have a lemonade stand with donations to the shelter. There are some shelters that have programs dedicated to kids such as reading to the animals. It makes a world of difference!