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Ethical Adoption

We talk a lot about only wanting to participate in an ethical adoption. So what does that mean exactly?

1. Always speak truthfully. We won't lie just to get an expectant mother to choose us. We want to have a good relationship with this person, so lying would be an awful foundation!

2. Use proper adoption language. An example: A woman is an expectant mother until she gives birth and places her child for adoption. After that, she may be named the child's "birth mother".

3. Follow the laws of your state. In PA, it is only legal to help with medical bills, not so much living expenses etc. Do NOT use $ to persuade.

4. If the expectant mother is on the fence about adoption, help her with resources to help her determine the best choice for her and her child such as referrals to a social worker. (Our lawyer works very closely with a SW).

5. Use a Quad A adoption lawyer. They specialize in adoption.

6. Keep promises you made before baby was born!