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Home Study

Very soon, we are going to have our home study done. A lot of people have asked me what exactly this is, so I figured I would explain on here! In order to adopt a child, every hopeful adoptive parent must pass a home study. We were referred to a social worker, who collects a lot of paperwork from us, including autobiographies, financial statements, medical statements, and FBI clearances. It is very thorough, but we truly don't mind. We understand that placing a child in a home is something that requires a lot of trust and proving that our home is a safe environment is a privilege.

The next step after the paperwork, is having your social worker come to your home to inspect. She/he will make sure that you have working smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher among other things. The SW will also ask very important questions about parenting styles, how you grew up, and even about the relationship with your spouse. They want to be sure that a child is coming into a stable home. The home study might take some time to approve as there is a lot of paper work for the SW to completed. This is a big step towards adoption and we can't wait to announce when we are home study approved!