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Open, Semi-open or Closed Adoption..What Does it all Mean?

I'm finding that many people don't know about the different types of adoption regarding how much contact the adoptive family has with the biological family so I'll talk about that today.

Closed adoption: No contact; less of these are occurring now due to studies that show it is more psychologically beneficial for the child to be able to contact their biological parents in some way/shape/form.

Semi-open: Occasional contact; typically either a written letter or visit once per year. There are grey areas here and the adoption counselor or lawyer can help to mediate.

Open adoption: Often communication; usually multiple personal visits per year.

Andrew and I have discussed this a lot. We know that in some situations a closed adoption is unavoidable and we are okay with that. We've learned that sometimes it is too difficult for a birth mother to be in contact after everything they have been through. We would likely prefer to have a semi-open adoption so that our child can contact their biological family if they so desire. I'm sure there will be many questions that arise such as "where did my red hair come from?" or "how come I have a great signing voice when you guys kinda stink?!" I think keeping an open mind is key and either way adoption will be part of a normal conversation in our house!