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Two Already?!

This weekend we had our nephew's 2nd birthday party! I can not believe he is 2 already. From the moment I knew he was coming to the world, I was super excited. From the moment I met him, I knew we would have a special bond. My nephew Evan is the funniest person I know and he's only 2! He brightens our lives with just a smile. Before I had a nephew, we had friends with children, but hadn't gotten as much one on one time as we do with him. We are fortunate that my brother and sister in law live close to us and we can see them often. We learned a lot about taking care of a child through our experiences with him as well as our nieces Lily and Victoria. Below you'll see Erin's brother Josh and his son Evan. He got a drum set for his birthday (what a lucky kid)! He has been practicing on pots and pans since 6 months old,so naturally this was the next step :) We can't wait to celebrate many more moments like this!