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Another Kind of Adoption

Andrew and I are both big promoters of animal rescue and adoption. We volunteer/donate to our local shelters. In fact, every year, one of my holiday presents from Andrew is a donation to the animal shelter. We hold this cause very close to our hearts. More and more animals are being rescued every year due to the efforts of our community and others alike. This brings me to our two fur babies. First, is Charlee, our cat. I got her from a foster home when she was only about 7 months old. This was before I even met Andrew. She is so full of love and has really fallen in love with Andrew. About a year and a half ago, right before our wedding, we decided to add Markie to our family. I was volunteering at the shelter when I saw him. He was 6 years old at the time, but had the spunk of a puppy! He would be happy snuggling all day and is particularly fond of our nephew and nieces that come to visit. I'm sure they will be excited to welcome another member to our "pack".