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First Steps..

Okay, this is my first blog. Phew! Andrew and I are very excited about the prospect of adoption :) To start off, I will tell you a little about ourselves and then blog about what we've been through so far as a couple! Andrew works for Fed Ex and is currently in school to get his CDL license. I am so very proud that he is furthering his education to help provide for his family. His determination inspires me. I am a Registered Dietitian for a dialysis company. For the first part of my career, I worked in nursing homes. This experience and everyone I met on that journey holds a special place in my heart. I decided to move on to a dialysis center to get more experience in my field and I can't say enough good things about the choice so far. Throughout our blog posts, you will get to learn more about us- so stay tuned!

A little about our journey so far:

When Andrew and I started dating, I was very honest about the fact that I didn't see myself being pregnant, but had the desire to be a parent. Paired with my PCOS, Andrew and I felt the best route would be adoption. We began researching and learned about going with an agency vs. independently looking for a match. We ultimately decided to try independent adoption based on a couple of factors; most importantly gut feeling. It is wild how much an agency can charge you and we decided that we'd rather put that money towards providing necessities for our future child. At this time, we have chosen a social worker that was recommended to us to complete our home study. Though there is a ton of paperwork to complete, it will bring us one step closer to completing our family. We were each asked to write an autobiography, which was kind of fun and brought up questions that Andrew and I could discuss together. We have also started turning our guest room into a baby room. Our family has been so generous, giving us some items we might need such as a car seat. I am a big promoter of hand me downs! Many of our friends, some of which are already parents, have been so supportive and excited for us and we are so grateful. As this journey continues, I will keep blogging. Once our home study is processed we will make a Facebook page as well and welcome inquiring expectant parents.